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The Escapist Staff | 11 Jun 2013 13:00
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The Crew is an upcoming racing game by Ivory Tower and Ubisoft, promising fast cars and faster co-op play.

AJ Glasser has more details here:

Ubisoft's The Crew seems like it could be good on gameplay alone. Not only do you get the authenticity of branded cars and customization options, but the entire point of the game is to drive the cars in a broad open world - not just look at them as they make a series of turns. And you can drive them just about anywhere in a level; about 5 minutes in to my demo, I drove directly off a cliff and across a patch of desert to reach a race starting point (because following the normal dirt trail would've taken longer.)

Production director Pete Young explained (as I raced against several AI controlled cars on a dirt trail) that the game has an MMO approach to levels and an almost role-playing game approach to customization. Winning that race (because Young advised me to mash on the boost button at just the right time) won me some kind of unlockable that would've allowed me to further customize my Nissan Skyline.

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