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The Escapist Staff | 11 Jun 2013 17:00
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At E3 this year, Square Enix revealed a few scant details about several of their upcoming games, including Final Fantasy XV, the third entry in the Kingdom Hearts III series, and its latest MMO Final Fantasy XIV. AJ Glasser has the full details here:

Details on FFXV and KH3 are scarce. The former, previously known as Final Fantasy XIII Versus, features an active battle system with free-running in certain areas, a weapon selection menu and unique dodge-and-parry moves distinct from Final Fantasy XIII. A second gameplay-oriented trailer also revealed a type of combat not too different from Kingdom Hearts' mid-air lock-on slide attacks. It's also confirmed that the game was developed with DirectX 11, which is how Square Enix plans to handle porting the title to Xbox One.

Kingdom Hearts 3, meanwhile, got the benefit of a presentation from Disney Interactive co-president John Pleasants alongside Final Fantasy brand manager Shinji Hashimoto. Between the two execs, it's confirmed that a "more mature Sora" will go on new adventures with Mickey, Donald and Goofy in Disney worlds never before seen in the Kingdom Hearts series.

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