E3 2007: Who Won the Press Event (Console) War?

Russ Pitts | 12 Jul 2007 01:29
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So who won? It depends on who you ask. One journalist I spoke with said Sony beat the other two guys hands-down. And as far as free food goes, he was right. Gourmet sliders and an open bar are the keys to a journalist's heart, but I have to disagree with his analysis.

Another person I spoke with said Nintendo nailed the press event contest this year, with their low-key approach and slate of eagerly-awaited games, and I can see this point, too, but I don't buy it. Nintendo has won the war, and to be perfectly honest, there really isn't much more they could have done to make their event stand out better other than announce a ton of stuff they've already announced elsewhere, and/or give free oral sex.

They won, they know it, end of story. But their event was still a waste of time.

So this round of the press event war goes to Microsoft. They may not have made mention of a world after Holiday 2007, but to be perfectly honest, for Microsoft there is no world after Holiday 2007. Either they grab on to Halo 3's coattails or they don't. And as far as convincing consumers to see the world their way goes, they nailed it.

If I didn't already have a 360, I'd buy one this year to play Halo 3, and if I were doing that, I'd want to know that my money would be well spent, on a device with legs and a ton of exclusive content. Microsoft, at their E3 press event, showed they have just that. It wasn't the most groundbreaking event ever, but it did exactly what it set out to do. And for that, they win the bucket of flowers and get to stand next to the hot chicks while we pour beer non them. Go, team!

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