E3 2008

E3 2008
Context Sensitive: My Five Favorites From E3

Susan Arendt | 21 Jul 2008 21:00
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2. Sackboy Steals PlayStation's Show (and Many Hearts) - To take the edge off the coma-inducing boredom generated by the part of Sony's press conference discussing sales figures and the like, the folks at Media Molecule created a special LittleBigPlanet level to act as a visual aid. Bar graphs are far more enchanting when the adorable and charming Sackboy, grinning ear to ear and clad in a Boston Celtics uniform, is leaping from bar to bar. The fact that the entire level was made using existing LBP assets - nothing special was created for the show- reminded everyone in attendance of the game's seemingly endless creative possibilities. It also did a fine job of distracting everyone from the relative lack of anything exciting in Sony's briefing, not that I'm cynical enough to believe that was Jack Tretton's major motivation of course.

1."You know The Who are playing this thing tonight, right?" - I was thinking about blowing off the Rock Band concert. I was exhausted, internet problems had prevented me from posting as much content as I would've liked, and I still had loads of writing to do. That's when my fellow game journo filled me in on just exactly who it was headlining that evening's show at the tiny Orpheum theater. Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend may be old enough to be your granpa, but they can still rock most mightily. Even when both Daltrey's voice and Townshend's string broke, they were magnificent to watch, owning the stage with the casual ease that only the truly great can achieve. I think Wired's Chris Baker summed up my feelings best when he said, "I didn't do anything to deserve this. I didn't stand in line, or win a contest, or pay a lot of money. I wrote about Mario."

I don't know if the folks at Harmonix did it to celebrate the inclusion of The Who in Rock Band 2, or simply to prove that they're the coolest cats in town. All I know is that The Who got an audience full of exhausted, jaded journalists who rarely allow themselves to be seen enjoying anything, to jump around, clap, dance, and cheer. Well, except for the guy who was liveblogging the whole thing, that is. (Yeah, seriously.)

So that's the good side of this year's E3, and if Peter Molyneux games have taught us anything, it's that where there is good, there must also be bad. Tune in later this week for my list of the five worst things of E3, which may or may not include the hallways of my hotel, which smelled suspiciously of cat pee. At least I hope it was cat pee.

Susan Arendt spent far more than she should have in the gachapon machine at the Famima!! around the corner from her hotel.

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