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Hannibal's Bryan Fuller Talks About Season Three News

Mike Hoffman | 25 Jul 2014 17:30
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Spoilers for season two and more specific details about season three ahead.

When season two ended, most of the cast was either dead or near death, save for the title character. Season three will pick up a year after the brutal, blood-soaked, and heartbreaking finale of season two. That episode ended with a Hannibal on the run and the three other major characters knocking on deaths door. While Will certainly survived getting gutted (a major part of this character in the Red Dragon novel), the fate of Crawford and Bloom could still change from the novels. After all, other characters from later in the books have met their end.

Fuller was very willing to share specifics from the first episodes of the third season, as well. The fourth episode will cover the events that occurred between season two and three. Commander Pazzi, Lady Murasaki, and Cordell are introduced in the second, third, and fourth episodes, respectively. Pazzi was a corrupt police officer in Hannibal, Lady Murasaki was Lecter's aunt from Hannibal Rising, and Cordell is the private physician of Mason Verger, who was introduced (and impaired by Lecter) last season.

Fuller also mentioned the return of a character that didn't make it through season two. After dining on his own leg, Dr. Abel Gideon was killed by Dr Lecter. His portrayal by Eddie Izzard was so well-received by audiences that he will return in a flashback at some point in season three.

Also at the Hannibal panel was Raul Esparza, who portrayed the deceased Dr. Frederick Chilton. However, as he was introduced, his character was described as someone "who got shot in the face and was presumed dead." Is Chilton returning? I liked the role he played in the later stories of Dr Lecter, so I hope so.

Hannibal does not have a date for a third season. The series received a late renewal as the second season ended, so a late 2014 or early 2015 premiere is expected.

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