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Celebrate Two Years of Diablo III With Undiscovered Easter Eggs

Joshua Vanderwall | 15 May 2014 15:00
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Their next inclusion is a heartfelt legendary sword called Faithful Memory. Obviously, legendary items are where you'll frequently find the less subtle Easter Eggs, but this one is as subtle as they come. "One of the original Diablo artists was named Ben Boos, and he was a driving force for the look and fantasy of weapons in the Diablo universe," the team said, "He was a fantastic artist who really understood his medium, and even published a couple books on the subject before passing away at a young age." To honor his memory, Diablo III artist Anthony Rivero modeled Faithful Memory in the style of Boos' weapons, with touching flavor text to match. "The Boosenian smiths forged swords with a technique centuries beyond their time. Few craftsmen have been able to replicate the quality of their work." This is probably not the kind of thing that your average player will pick up on, but it's such a genuinely thoughtful Easter Egg, it certainly deserves a place in this list. Kudos!

Faithful Memory Official

This one has made its rounds a bit, but it's still a great nod to Blizzard's stable of popular games. If you're venturing through the Ice Caves, you should take a good look in every corner. There's a good chance you might just encounter something you haven't seen since Wrath of the Lich King. "We asked the WoW team to share the model and texture for Arthas's helm and we placed it in one of the Ice Caves's corner scene," the team explained. It can even show up multiple times in one level, so you've got a fairly good chance of spotting it now that you know it's there.

death knight arthas helm

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