1:54 Downward-angle P.O.V. shot, citizens fleeing, police firing offscreen and up at something big. Giant monster, perhaps? Please, oh, please let it be a giant monster.

1:55 Green Lantern versus Hector Hammond. Really liking how much they've improved the look of the suit since the early glimpses. The noticeably-differentiated black on the arms and legs makes all the difference.

1:59 Hal saves kid from something. Classic comic panel tableau, probably part of a big Hero Moment.

2:00 - 2:03 Helicopter crashing into a big fancypants dinner event involving Ferris Aircraft. If one had to guess what was going on here, based on how things usually play out in these films, one would have to imagine we're either seeing the "bad guy makes it personal" start to Act 3 or (more likely) Green Lantern's public debut on Earth. Big last-minute save, curious stare from initially clueless love-interest, "who was that masked man?," etc.

2:04 Screaming villain, ring blast into camera, unidentified thingee blows up. Impressively, these three quick shots effectively bring it all together for anyone for whom all of this is new: "Bulgy-Brain-Man is bad, Green-Man is good, Green-Man fights Bulgy-Brain-Man with Magic Ring."

2:06 - 2:10 We see how Green Lantern suits up, and get our first long full-body shot of Reynolds in uniform. CGI needs a few more passes, but otherwise, yup, that's The Green Lantern alright.

2:16 Minimalist logo and title in basic white font against color-corrected slo-mo fire, a direct aping of the trailer titles for The Dark Knight. Is this now the uniform title card design for DC heroes?

2:21 - 2:25 More spaceflight, now in costume and with purpose. Our first audible snippet of Reynolds reciting the Green Lantern Oath: "In brightest day, in blackest night..." Whether or not his recitation of the complete oath comes off as worthy of rank alongside "May The Force Be With You," "Live Long and Prosper" or "With Great Power comes Great Responsibility" will be a key determining factor as to whether the film ultimately works.

In case you're wondering, the whole thing goes:
"In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware my power ... Green Lantern's Light!"

Not Seen in the Trailer, But Apparently in the Movie:

John Stewart: aka "The Black Green Lantern you remember from the cartoon." He's another military man, a friend of Hal's. He probably won't become a Green Lantern in the film, but the character is in there and Nick Jones is playing him.

Senator Hammond: Hector's father, evidently. Tim Robbins has the part.

Amanda Waller: Yes, she's in there (played by Angela Bassett) - and if you're a DC Comics (or even Justice League cartoon) fan, that should be giving you major nerd-wood right about now. See, Waller isn't specifically a Green Lantern character, she's a government agent who figures into everyone's stories here and there. It's conceivable that her presence here could be used to link the continuity of subsequent DC movies, ala Nick Fury linking Marvel's Avengers.

Parallax: A "fear demon" older than the universe and the source of Yellow Fear Energy that serves as the dark side to the Lanterns' Green Willpower Energy. In the comics, he actually possessed Hal and turned him into a genocidal supervillain. It's unknown what role he/it will play here.

Krona: This one is still only a rumor, but a persistent one. Krona is an ancestor of The Guardians and the Eve/Pandora figure of the DC Universe creation myth. A scientist, he built a machine to look through time at the birth of the universe, but he screwed up and literally broke all of creation, inadvertently creating evil itself and pretty much every big cosmic problem superheroes have been dealing with ever since. If that's him in The Bubble at 1:14, and that energy blast hitting him is Parallax, and Hammond is futzing with the same Bubble, that could be pretty interesting.

Green Lantern is set to open worldwide in Summer, 2011.

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