Your Five Favorite Alt+Escape Games of 2009

John Funk | 1 Jan 2010 17:00
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Welcome to Alt+Escape, our weekly pick of browser-based games to help you start your weekend a little early. Check back each Friday for a new game!

#4: Scarygirl

We Said: The gameplay is fairly standard fare for a platformer - jump, swim, and spin your way through the worlds, collect lots and lots of items, etc. - but it's the game's aesthetics and the fantastic production that really sell it. Once you're having a dotted-line conversation with the giant octopus that has a full head of hair and is wearing a tiny little Trilby hat, you'll see what I mean.

You Said: <3 Alt+Escape is my favourite Escapist feature.

Scarygirl, although filled with fun things and pretty pictures, is frustrating because I keep dying when I try to get all the fishies and shiny-things. =\ It's so hard trying to train myself to ignore them and get through the level! And the platforming is awful. But I'm determined to finish this. Does anyone know how many levels there are?

- Florion

Even having the browser version, I'd gladly shell-out $10-15 for this on X-Box Live just so that I could use a controller for it. Another thing I think this game really needs is more than two buttons, this isn't the NES here. Having Spacebar act as Attack, Interact, Super Jump, sometimes regular jumping... and probably a few other functions, just doesn't really work.

- WhiteTigerShiro

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