Your Five Favorite Alt+Escape Games of 2009

John Funk | 1 Jan 2010 17:00
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Welcome to Alt+Escape, our weekly pick of browser-based games to help you start your weekend a little early. Check back each Friday for a new game!

#3: Amateur Surgeon

We Said: The entire game is pretty much Trauma Center, just with a morbid and slightly gross sense of humor about the whole thing. Cut people open with your pizza slicer, staple their wounds together, cauterize them with your lighter ... it just goes on and on. I'm a few levels in at this point - no word on if Alan will have to tackle a manmade cyber alien virus (whoops, spoilers), but I wouldn't be surprised.

You Said: Cute - better than Trauma Center! I still reach a point where I'm not fast enough though...and there's not button with which to call for adrenaline or a couple of units of whole blood...

- justnotcricket

Blimey, it's quite hard... but still entertaining enough to distract me from my hangover so that's alright.

- thecaptainof

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