Your Five Favorite Alt+Escape Games of 2009

John Funk | 1 Jan 2010 17:00
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#1: Today I Die

We Said: To be honest, half the fun in Today I Die is figuring out how to play the thing in the first place, so it's hard to really talk about the "gameplay" such as it is. Even so, the game manages to tell an interesting and compelling story with less than twenty words. It just requires you to think about it for a little bit.

Also, it's got a pretty awesome soundtrack (courtesy of Hernan Rozenwasser), which is always a plus.

You Said: I view this in the same area as PixelJunk: Eden, in that it is a re imagining of an existing genre of game. To me, PJ:E was a re imagining of the platformer, and this to me was a re imagining of the Point-and-Click adventure game. Great game, really beautiful.

- FROGGEman2

I think I just won at art.

- Phantom Sheep

Really great poetry, and spectacular music.Liked the second ending more than the first, for some reason.

- Jolan_BG

The initial poem was powerful in its darkness, sorrow and simplicity, much like a well-done Haiku. To see it change into something equally beautiful but more optimistic as you progressed was very emotionally strong.

- Clashero

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