The Blessings of Curse: An Interview with Hubert Thieblot

Sean Sands | 22 Aug 2007 21:00
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TE: How much does reader reaction play a part in fine-tuning the new, and what has the overall reaction been to the changes? Are people taking advantage of the new features like MyCurse and the Curse Client?

HT: V4 feedback has been extremely positive, and they seem to be particularly satisfied with the improvements we've made over V3. We pay great attention to our users' feedback, and they are very active in sharing it - both positive and negative. For instance, when V4 was initially released, we had several users who weren't fans of the light color scheme, which stands in stark contrast to previous versions of Curse. So, within a day, we cranked out a great-looking dark color scheme, which many of our users have adopted. That's a minor design change in the grand scheme of things, but it just serves as an example of our commitment to improving our users' experience.

Being users and gamers ourselves, we aim to provide valuable services that drive our community's interaction with their MMOG of choice, as well as with guildmates and other members of the community. Both My Curse and the Curse Client are doing very well, and we are actively improving these services. We have very high expectations for those initiatives.

TE: With this much on your plate, do you still find much time to play?

HT: I have to admit, I simply don't have the time to play as much. Curse and our community have kept me really busy! I used to play 14-hour days, but now I'm addicted to running and growing Curse, which requires just as much time. But I still sneak in various games with the team, and we're constantly evaluating upcoming releases to identify how we can best serve these communities. I love this industry, and our understanding of its characteristics has a very important impact on how we innovate. So, I and many of Curse's team members actively play, and will continue to.


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