How To Get Into Game Journalism: Xfire Chat

Russ Pitts | 13 Sep 2007 20:30
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[Slashdot] Michael: Question: Vossk: Do you feel that the PC gaming is really dying? Many are saying consoles are winning over the PC and killing it off, do you agree?
Answer: Anyone who has seen World of Warcraft's sales figures will tell you the PC isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Massive games are the biggest reason to play on PC today. Even as MMOGs start to push onto consoles more, I think you're going to see a lot of folks who refuse to give up their keyboard and mouse for FPS titles.

I'm not worried about PC gaming; I think analysts are the only ones who are.

[Slashdot] Michael: Question: Dr. Richard Kimble: How many articles, on average, do you pump out in a month's time?
Answer: "Pump out." You make it sound so filthy. I do an article every other week for the Escapist, plus a weekly column for 1up, plus between 4 and 5 blog posts a week for MMOGNation. All of those I count as articles. I also do about 4-7 posts to Slashdot every day.

[Escapist] Russ Pitts: I have a salaried position, so my income isn't directly tied to my output. That said, I'd still be doing alright if it were. I produce about two feature articles per month, and twice that many editorials/reviews.

[Slashdot] Michael: Question: Edguardo the Milk Bandit: I consider myself a good writer, but quite often find myself struggling to meet deadlines and such. What advice could you give to speed up the writing process?
Answer: Don't. Budget your time to make sure you give every article the breathing room it needs. I'm sorry I don't have any good answers, but sometimes life sucks. :) I have this problem all the time. "Do I play a game or write about a game I've already played?"

[Escapist] Russ Pitts: Slow down. Get organized. Stop taking on work until you can get into a system that works. If writing is your job, you should work it as a job and write 6-8 hours per day. If you can't do that, you're in the wrong business :(

[Escapist] Russ Pitts: Question: Namdas: How do you feel about rereleases or remakes of old games, specifically targetting games like "Super Mario 64 DS" which entirely ruined the original game for me.
Answer: I don't mind so long as they're fun. Sometimes we put too much pressure on games. Remakes even more so.

[Slashdot] Michael: Fun! Yes, they must be fun. Why would you let a new game ruin an old game for you? Did Mario DS beat up Super Mario Bros. until he wouldn't jump anymore? I'm still waiting for a Super Mario Bros. 2 DS. I loved our version of Doki Doki Panic.

[Slashdot] Michael: Question: whîsp: To All: Is it hard for you as journalists writing reviews to remain as objective as possible or are you allowed by your editors to be subjective?
Answer: There is no such thing as an objective review. The key is to be as honest as possible. If you don't like RTS's, and you're reviewing an RTS, say so in your opening statement that RTS's are not your cup of tea. An informed reader will be able to see between the lines and figure out where you're coming from.

[Escapist] Russ Pitts: Agree with Mike. Objectivity in reviews is a myth. Be honest, and don't try to review a game if you hate the genre.

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