How To Get Into Game Journalism: Xfire Chat

Russ Pitts | 13 Sep 2007 20:30
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[Escapist] Russ Pitts: Question: -Yoda-: Is there a specific field of journalism to get into? My school offers emphasis in News Editorial, Telecommunications, and PR. The classes are cross compadible but is there a specific one I should try to get into?
Answer: Whichever interests you most. If you're engaged, you'll learn better. (real English, folks :) )

[Slashdot] Michael: Question: Air_Storm: Does Plagarism exist in Game journalism? What are the consequences?
Answer: Shootings in the main square at dawn. The ugly truth is that a lot of people write about pretty much the same stuff. Eventually, someone is going to call Halo 3 "innovative" or "sparkly" or whatever. Just because it shows up in another review doesn't mean it's plagiarism. That said (especially amongst bloggers) cutting and pasting seems to be a really easy way to "report". I always always always always make sure it's clear where I'm getting news when I post it.

The consequences, unfortunately, are not very severe. They're definitely not what they should be. There have been, though, some high-profile instances of plagiarizing bloggers getting sacked for doing it, and most of the folks I know hate the idea as much as I do. I think a lot of times it's just plain old fashioned laziness. "Oh, it's not that big a deal" is a slippery slope.

[Escapist] Russ Pitts: Question: AdDiCt: Has there ever been a story or project so big that you voluntarily gave up your personal life to get the story/scoop/gig/whatever?
Answer: Um ... every convention ever? I hate traveling, but I go to conventions because A) it's a great place to meet people and B) it's a great place to get content.
Just this past weekend I gave up 7 hours of my life to go see Richard Garriott's house because I wanted to have a story to tell. It was worth it. Parts of it sucked, but it was worth it.

[Slashdot] Michael: I just got done with: a two day trip to Seattle to see a game company, Gen Con, PAX, and GDC Austin. Kill me. Kill me now.

[Escapist] Russ Pitts: Question: [Fx]ĠŦ: Russ Or Michael: have any of you ever turned to fans of games or family to help you write an article. Do you post there opinions?
Answer: No. I'll occasionally lean on my SO to help me fine tune a piece I'm having trouble with, but I'm very serious about my words being my words, and not influenced by anyone else. At the end of the day, all you have is your integrity.

[Slashdot] Michael: The only person who touches my words besides me is my editor. Having an editor is a luxury I think everyone who writes should have. The interplay between two people working to make a set of sentences into something not crap is a lot of fun ... even if sometimes you want to make with the stabbings.

[Escapist] Russ Pitts: Question: | PorkLord: Personally I try to avoid reading other material on a game/piece I am also writing for, I fear it may skew or influence my own article in some way. Do you also avoid this, or do you like to evaluate the opinions of others?
Answer: I wish I could. As Acquisitions Editor I see almost every piece of content we run. I try very, very hard to wall off the part of my brain that creates words when I'm reading other people's. But ultimately every perspective I'm privy to informs my own. I've read articles in major publications I knew were inspired by articles I'd written, and that's OK, really. We all have voices and our minds take us in unique places. We all inspire each other. However that happens is OK. So long as we're not outright stealing from each other.

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