Kongregate Announces Premium Games

Russ Pitts | 14 Nov 2007 21:00
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The Games


From Intuition Games, Dinowaurs is a trajectory shooter (think Artillery with dinosaurs). Pasley calles it "Barney with a Rocket Launcher strapped to his back running through Omaha Beach in [Saving] Private Ryan." The idea is you and your competitors will battle it out online with dinosaurs who have weapons strapped to them. Kind of like what the U.S. Military does with dolphins, but without the PETA lawsuits.

Zenning is a futuristic strategy game by Michael King. You play Katrina, a war correspondent with PTSD and a lot of bad dreams. Your mission: Fight the dream monsters to uncover the truth of what's causing them. Part Psychonauts, part Command & Conquer.

"[It's] a big departure from what I'd been able to do with Adult Swim," says Pasley. "A serious title, with really nice 3-D renderings and really cool gameplay ideas. What's unique about it is you ... can have four-player games with four armies in the field. You can have deathmatches where each player controls a different character on the field. ... We haven't decided how many players it will have yet, but it will be a pretty impressive amount for a Flash game."

Lila Dreams
Developed by Creatrix Games, Lila Dreams is a platformer MMOG that takes place inside the surrealistic and often grim mind of an 11-year-old girl named Lila. Real-life crises will plague Lila, resulting in drastic changes to the weather and the appearance of platform-based labyrinths where players get the chance to battle creatures from within Lila's psyche, compete to raise their faction's influence and ultimately affect Lila's life on the outside. Will Lila make good choices fueled by hope and optimism, or make bad choices as she spirals into hate and jealousy?

The game, according to Pasley, will allow the user to "change the world in impressive ways."


Remnants of Skystone
Created by Flipline Studios, makers of Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack!, Remnants of Skystone is a platform adventure MMOG. Players can choose one of three different customizable character types: the grappling hook-wielding Crags, the nimble tree-climbing Tribals and the steampunk Jetpackers.

"Many years ago an asteroid crashed down on this world, which contained, unknown to the inhabitants of this world, an alien menace," says Pasley. "A couple of years later [the aliens] sprang forth and covered the entire world in this mist ... they've all been having to huddle together in a steampunk skytown. And now they're having to take back their world a bit at a time."

Argue (About Everything)
Argue is a multiplayer real-time strategy game that allows players to pick either side of an argument and duke it out on the field of battle. Featuring customizable characters, customized arguments and a webpage-embeddable argument status widget, players can employ multiple strategies (including, wonder of wonders, employing facts) to debate practically anything.

"I would love it if I logged onto an internet site one day and someone was having a ridiculous argument and said, 'Let's take it to the game,'" says Pasley. "It'd be a great way to solve all of the impossible arguments on the internet."

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