Crush Your Enemies, Even When They're Not Online, in War of Legends

Greg Tito | 19 Jan 2010 16:30
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Oh yeah, your city can be attacked, your armies killed and your resources looted. The good news is that the invading player can only loot what his army can physically carry. The chance for griefing, however, still seems pretty high. How will new players learn the ins and outs of the game without being annihilated by stronger opponents? "For the first seven days, your city will be protected from attack. And that's really to give the player a chance to build their roots, to get a handle on the game," Smith said. "I think one of the big things with Jagex games has always been the level of accessibility. We're gamers at heart. We're not looking to make games that only a small percentile of the population will enjoy. We try and build things that will have mass appeal."

That is partly the reason that Jagex is attempting something new by publishing War of Legends; Rob Smith and company want to reach a broader, more mature audience than just the people who play RuneScape. "With War of Legends, we're looking for an older demographic. RuneScape is popular with kids in their teens, who are in high school or at university and beyond. Our average age starts about 16 in RuneScape," Smith said. "We're looking with War of Legends to appeal to people who have more time constraints, people who have less time to play a game, who might have used to play wow or RuneScape, and want something that is strategic and tactical that they can drop into and out of during the course of day without having to sit in front of their high-specced PC or their games console for hours and hours. War of Legends is exactly aimed at them."

Jagex essentially grew from two brothers who created RuneScape in 2001 to over 400 employees who now support the game and a host of others on and FunOrb. For all those who scoff at the free MMOG genre as child's play, Rob Smith offers some serious statistics. "Over 165 million people have created accounts through Jagex's games," he said. "We've done virtually no marketing over the last ten years and all those people have come to our games through recommendations." It's hard to say that an Eastern-themed free MMORTS like War of Legends is exactly what gamers are clamoring for right now, but, if any company were able to pull it off, Jagex would be at the top of the list.

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