Interview: League of Legends: Dominion and Riot Games

Justin Clouse | 5 Aug 2011 22:30
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TEM: I can really see how that work paid off, even with just like little things, like at the start of the map, the ramps kinda coming out, and there's like the cranes picking up rocks, and even the map itself has come alive a little bit more from what we normally see.

Travis: One of the things we wanted to do with Dominion was, and just in generally League of Legends, is we always want to make everything better, we patched out some, we re-did some old champions recently with new models, new animations etc, just to make them better, for no reason other than we wanted to improve the quality. And with Dominion, we really look at that as kind of our new milestone of quality, like you mentioned the map has things that're moving around, like cool animations, the starting game ceremonies, this intricate ceremony where stairs slide in and the crystal comes up, and we really just wanted to up the quality bar with everything we do, and really just kind of make everything better across the board. Even with Dominion there'll be things that will be better in classic League of Legends too, we've got a new scoreboard that's in, we've got a new end of game screen and some enhancements to PvP Net. So we're just trying to get as much as we can as good as we can. And really I think the biggest attribute to making Dominion successful was having the patience to let it be great, instead of just okay, right? We could've released it earlier, and it would've been fun and it would've been cool but I don't think it would've had the depth, I don't think it would've had the polish, I don't think it would've had the refinement and the quality that we expect from ourselves and most of our fans expect now.

TEM: So going back to the point system you mentioned, what was the inspiration behind this, I'm guessing possibly to promote some more team play other than ganking and kill/death ratio?

Travis: So to be successful at Dominion, it's not directly tied to kills, deaths and assists nearly as much as it is in Summoner's Rift, also, death really isn't nearly as punishing on Dominon, as it is in classic League of Legends, and so what we really wanted to do is promote, exactly like you said, promote objective team play. For instance, in Dominion dying on a point, and holding off three people, even if you die, may give your team the opportunity to capture two more points and turn the tide of the whole game. So we wanted to reward that kind of behavior. We wanted to signify to people that, really, the point of playing Dominion is to win the game and beat the objective, not just kill the most people or get the most assists. Those still factor into your score, but really we wanted to come up with a scoring system to emphasize behaviors that will lead the team to victory. So I think the perfect example is you get points for defending a point, and dying, potentially even. Whereas dying is generally considered pretty bad in classic League of Legends.

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