Interview: League of Legends: Dominion and Riot Games

Justin Clouse | 5 Aug 2011 22:30
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TEM: So Summoner's Rift had the npc bosses, and you could kill the jungle monsters to get their buffs. In Dominion you've got the movement speed and the HP ones, and then the single team buffs in the center. How did you decide on these?

Travis: Right, well, so the middle part of the map, what we would traditionally call the jungle area, I don't know if we should call it the jungle, cause there's not jungle creeps, we actually had that at one point, but again but it was one of those weird decisions of "Should I jungle in the middle or should I help my team capture a point?" There was nothing we could do to make that viable for you to do that in most situations, it just wasn't a fun decision to make. So we put in the relics, the health boost is essentially that, you run right over it and pick up health! The speed shrine, you run through it and you go faster. It's really to help kind of promote play inside the middle, and then the greater relic, as you correctly mention, only one person on your team can have that at a time, but it's an essential point where both are located, so often times there are team fights around who can take control of their relic.

TEM: The closest distance between two points is a line, and so going through the center is often times going to be the fastest way to get to the other side of the map.

Travis: And going through the center is dangerous, right? Because, who knows who's in there? You have permanent vision around the outside kind of circle lanes, but inside it's dark, it's just like the jungle in Summoner's rift with the twisted tree lines. So, what we didn't want to do was make it so people had to stand in their cause there's a lot more traffic in there, and so we opted for the relic system which is much more pick up and go kind of thing as you're kind of veering somewhere else. We just didn't feel like traditional jungling was an interesting decision that we wanted players to make... So, but it's super dangerous in there.

TEM: So what was the purpose of the permanent vision around the edge of the map? To further promote more of the tactical play where you can see where the enemy team is?

Travis: Right.

TEM: Can you talk to me a little bit about the capture points themselves? You capture it and basically turns it into a tower?

Travis: Yeah, the points have an interesting mechanic. So the defensive mechanisms or 'tower' kind of conjures the term from summoner's rift where it's this thing that you destroy, it always attacks you. These kind of defensive structures are permanent on capture points and can't be destroyed. And so the way it works is that when one is under your control, and you are actually on the point itself, and then the enemy is there, it will attack the enemy. If there is no, same-team defender there, uh, an enemy is free to take it and it will not attack.

So that actually promotes kind of ninjaing points behind enemy lines if you will, without being pummeled in the face by a defensive structure but it creates kind of a safe point, if you will, for players who control that point to run to and fight attacking champions. Because you don't want to have a square, 1 v 1 fight when someone's trying to take your point and so the defensive structure will give a decent advantage to you if you're defending. So 1 v 1 is generally tipped in the defenders favor. However the attacker can also bring a wave of minions which will also take it down as well. So it's kind of a, "how do you want to play it" situation, and it's another interesting choice that players have.

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