The Secret World Lead Designer Interview

Justin Clouse | 24 Feb 2012 10:00
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The Escapist: It was mentioned that once you've achieved certain skills combinations, you're granted special clothing rewards, we saw the dragon martial artist for instance. What are the avenues for gear and visual customization?

The Secret World: They start right from the beginning of the game. No clothing has any stats attached to them so it's pure visual, because we want you to play the way you want to play and we want you to look the way you want to look. So some of the clothing pieces will be rewards for missions so you can purchase from certain clothing stores in the hubs, some you can buy through the item store that we'll have that you can purchase for real money but a major part of it is actually reward based because a lot of MMOs like to show off what they've done basically, like the walking achievement. So all the dungeons will have a unique clothing piece or a complete outfit that you can only get by beating that dungeon. If you go in and you beat nightmare Hell, for instance, which is really really hard, you get a unique clothing outfit that shows that you completed nightmare Hell so you can brag about that. I think somewhere between 30 and 40 percent of our clothing is reward based, you cannot get it unless you complete certain challenges.

It's also really cool to look the way you want to look. If you want to be always dressed like a cowboy and wear a trenchcoat, with a cowboy hat and sunglasses you can do that. You can always be the cowboy. For instance, in certain games, I get an outfit and I think I look really really cool then I get a better item and it doesn't look as cool but I kind of have to wear it either way.

The Escapist: Is that the same for weapons?

The Secret World: Yes. The ones with higher equipment requirements usually looks more special, there are certain time periods that you can get weapons from that aren't really time periods that you have heard of before, it's time periods that we will tell you about that existed and have been forgotten so certain weapons look really cool and very special. Also you can get certain items that modify the look of your weapon and doesn't change any stats but let's say that, back to the cowboy, you want be the guy that always walks around with a six shooter, but the weapons you just got look sort of sci-fi-ish and it doesn't match so you can purchase certain items that change the look into the six shooter so you can keep your style.

The Escapist: That's really cool. So we saw and heard about zombies, vampires and mummies, but what else can we expect?

The Secret World: Quite a few actually. The last boss in Hell today, you saw the rat looking ninjas, they're based off an Asian myth and legend. They're called the Oni. We have the draug, we had a lot of draugs in Kingsmouth, draugs are sort of the spirit of drowned Vikings. We've got a good share of vampires, we've got trolls, I think we have over 100 unique monster models in the game and they're all connected to The Secret World in one way or the other.

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