In response to "Team Butts" from The Escapist Forum: I laughed out loud, true story.

This is what happens when a bunch of antisocial men who aren't used to competing with other people get together and try to compete with other people on the internet. It has a very clear ring of truth for me with relation to the Unreal Tournament 1v1 community. Even the nicest guys have to verbally abuse themselves or the other players once in awhile; it's just part of the whole experience. In fact the main predominant emotion in UT 1v1s most of the time is anger/frustration (I know that's certainly the case with me, and if other player text is any indication, them too). What keeps us playing it, anyways?

- p1ne

In response to "Games are for Kids" from The Escapist Forum: I get this from my wife a lot but she's coming around a bit more. Mostly I play my DS because "I can play it anywhere in short bursts". Also I can use my son as an excuse to game now. The semi problem is though with my son I get to play more Lego Star Wars and less Grand Theft Auto or Team Fortress.

I guess we take what we can get.

Anyway, the only game she plays is PC solitaire on the laptop. I almost got her into SSX but it seems to have vanished completely.

Also what bugs me is she gets irritated if I'm not "spending time with her" and want to go use the computer or play a game but half the time we're together she's a TV zombie. At least I'm interacting with my entertainment.

- RamenJunkie

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