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Letters to the Editor
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The Escapist Staff | 18 Feb 2008 19:42
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Personally I think Space sims could learn a little from games like Ace Combat control wise (Sacrilege! right:)). I loved playing Wing Commander with my Joystick setup and I thought Ace Combat on my 360 was really good till I tried my brothers out with his joystick setup (he splurged on the special edition). WOW, made me remember how sims are really supposed to be played. I did still enjoy the game without the flight stick but a game like Ace Combat is Great with or without a Joystick. Decent setup on a controller made it accessible. I think they need to dumb down the controls but leave in the option to use more advanced controls if the user wants to.

Oh and I hated with a passion trying to play freespace and Wing Commander with a keyboard and mouse. Thats what made me splurge on a Joystick setup for my computer in the first place.

- logos424


In response to "Adjacent Data" from The Escapist Forum: A very nice essay, but I wish the world it reflected was the one we were living in. It seems to me that science-fiction is a genre in trouble; perhaps not as much in TV and movies but definitely in books and games. Fantasy seems to be overwhelming sci-fi in those two venues.

I wonder how much ties in with the sentiments expressed in one of the comments to the "My Own Private Outer Space" article. On a personal level, science doesn't seem very interesting to most people these days. I was 9 when we first walked on the moon, and the space craze gripped myself and my friends like nothing since. It didn't matter that WE weren't going to be astronauts. Just the fact that a deed was being done was exciting. And reading science fiction just felt like peering into the future back then.

These days, sometimes reading science fiction just reminds me of how badly we've lost our way. It tends to promise a future that we'll never actually reach at the pace we're keeping currently. And people are so unconcerned with what progress we do make. The sentiment seems to be "It doesn't impact me directly, so it isn't of any interest." I find it all rather sad.

- pasmith

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