In response to "X-Com: the Truth is Out There" from The Escapist Forum: Do you know why its hard to do a different kind of XCOM? IMHO, it was because XCOM was one of the early hybrid games, genre spanning ... interestingly enough, it seems like other games either already or destined to be classic are very hard to class as being just one genre of game.

These days in games we are constantly seeming to get our peanut butter in with our chocolate - that RPG has a bit of RTS, that RTS has a bit of RPG, that FPS has a bit of RPG, and they all borrowed heavily from the dearly departed Adventure games or the casual platformer. Because of that, you could do XCOM again these days, just be sure to let us blow up the walls, build those secret bases where we want, play up those squad character building, and research a the booty we steal to use in interesting "human" ways.

Since one of my biggest problems with XCOM these days is just getting it to work at a reasonable speed, kinda hard to intercept a UFO when they only appear on the screen in the blink of an eye, since I haven't found any of those programs that supposedly slow your computer down to actually work, if someone would take the original and just make it work at the right pace for today's computers, I would play it again.

UFO: Extraterrestrials - I thought this version doesn't let you blow up structures, build bases around the world and research or maybe I have that mixed up with a XCOM mod and missed out.

- CanadianWolverine

As the designer of Terror from the Deep, and producer of Apocalypse, I feel the article skims the franchise in the most superficial way and fails to represent the many people (aside from Nick and Julian) involved in X-COM over the years.

- Stephen Goss, Designer, X-Com: Terror from the Deep


In response to "Walk Don't Run" from The Escapist Forum: I was asked a few years ago what my favourite game was. A question most long-time gamers will struggle heavily to answer. Having played hundreds of games over the years, it took me a long time to actually decide upon my answer. Grim Fandango. I'll always encourage people to give it a try. The game has such style, such wit. It simply hasn't been matched, and given the shocking state of games today.. I'll be amazed if it ever is.

I still have my copy within arms reach.

- Lord Rick

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