In response to "Fighting Monsters" from The Escapist Forum: "In this respect, Jade's photography is the purest form of reporting. There is no slant or deviousness behind her photos. They are not altered in any way. They are a truthful and accurate representation of the facts without any personal comment."

This sentiment is appreciable, but while photography can approach something akin to an objective point of view free of commentary, there's still a person behind the lens making decisions. Every facet of photography has a human hand in it, and that photographer still has to make decisions in the arrangement of the shot. Those choices will influence the message of the photograph in one way or another, so there is always some discrepancy between a photograph and the subject itself, meaning there is always some level of commentary.

- Incandescence

Yet another reason why objectivity in journalism is a myth and it's irresponsible to attempt to achieve it.

- Joe, Content Editor, The Escapist


In response to "For the Love of the Game" from The Escapist Forum: I've often wanted to see a set of little regional scenes spring up, kind of like what happened on the American indie scene in the 1980's (Minutemen, Meat Puppets etc.) where the costs of all the infrastructure surrounding the creating is shared to enable the creators to create, and there's mutual appreciation and involvement between the different groups and what they're doing.

Being an old man I remember the scene around the Spectrum and Commodore 64 (although I was a little young to participate meaningfully) and the invention that was managed within the technical limitations of the hardware. I have to say that other than Bioshock (where's there been such care and attention to detail in the look and feel of the game) I've had no inclination to pick up and purchase any other first person shooter over the past 3 years. As far as I can tell from the media, the industry keeps churning out prettier versions of the same games.

- usernamed

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