In response to "My Life as a Tank" from The Escapist Forum: I was a MT for my WoW guild for almost 3 years and I totally know where you're coming from. It's a bit of a rush to know that you are literally the single person in that 40-man raid that can make or break a boss fight. One of my favorite fights ever was when we were fighting Nefarion and our other MT went down in phase 3, I stepped in and finished the fight. That was our first time ever killing Nefarion. It was totally awesome.

- iburns

I appreciate your articles look into the pysche of men and gamers. Indeed, I find it indicative not only of the nature of the humble tank, who seeks both to be lauded for their efforts as well to be the humble hero in equal measure- but also of Men, who by nurture and instinct want to be the hero and the righter of wrongs, even when they are thoroughly unqualified for it.

I always play a tank because I prefer to be Self Sufficient. Other classes need someone to protect them so they can use their awesome powers, the tanks awesome power is the fact they don't need protecting.

Whose the better superhero?

- TsunamiWombat


In response to "A Gun to Your Head" from The Escapist Forum: My understanding of the use of the Evoker "gun" is that in order to summon a powerful Persona into physical being one must break a psychological barrier within themselves, hence why the whole procedure of summoning requires one to go through the motions of "blowing one's brains out" with the gun. Too I kinda imagined some kind of limited charge/energy in the form of ammo to be necessary as well. At any rate summoning Persona is serious business.

Indeed it makes total sense that in order to strengthen and create new Personae one must strengthen and build one's own mind. Thus making new friends, strengthening your relationships, taking art classes, learning discipline through martial arts training, etc. would facilitate new and stronger personae. It's a wonderful premise for an RPG. It presents the idea that you can kick ass not by finding a BFG 9000 in a locker somewhere but by being a good student of life, by making friends and strengthening your relationships. Persona 3 presents gamers with the idea that it's good to do your homework and be nice to people. At times I've found the game educational, brilliant!

- MorkFromOrk

I recently bought P3 on a whim and am thoroughly enjoying it specifically because its so different from other JRPGs in all the ways that matter. People can dislike it for it's simplistic graphics and grinding but like the author says, it has a thematic depth that I have never seen out of a JRPG before. I hadn't even played one since FFX and Persona 3 is something truly different and interesting, even if the basic gameplay doesn't deviate much from the JRPG formula.

- ReepNeep


In response to "Beat Your Game to Death" from The Escapist Forum: DMC 3 is the only game I played that was true hardcore because you always look cool no matter the difficulty setting. Memorizing enemy placement and special moves is not hardcore. Struggling to survive is hardcore. Pulling shit out of your ass to win in the clutch is hardcore. Only a few games pull this off (DMC 3, Shinobi, Blood Will Tell, Onimusha 3, Dead to Rights, Max Payne, Enter the Matrix, Star Wars Jedi Outcast and Academy, Resident Evil 4)

Beating Ninja Gaiden is like surviving a car crash or a complex surgery. Everyone is just happy you made it out alive because the game is so unfortunate and joyless. Ryu does the same moves over and over again against cheap enemies with overpowered attacks. And you can't save your game. That's not hardcore. Ninja Gaiden is just sadistic. A player has to enjoy pain in order to like it.

- R.O.

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