In response to "What if the Players is Black?" from The Escapist Forum: While the article raises a valid point, it misses the larger message: that video games aggressively employ stereotypes instead of creating real characters, no matter where they come from. I don't think every game needs a black character. (Or a white character, for that matter.)

Looking at the proportional representation is only good for a quick surface check. Cole from Gears of War is a good example: he's one-dimensional, but compared to his white comrades, he's Denzel Washington, so it's hard to come down for Epic on this. By contrast, Fahrenheit has an intricate story involving a bunch of normal white people and basketball-loving Superfly Johnson... 'nuff said.

I would also like to note that Rock Band's character creator allows for convincing black people as well as stereotypes.

- Robyrt

I would hate video games to go down the road of political correctness, i.e. you have to have a realistic non-offensive black character in the game. I'm not white, and yes it would be nice to make an avatar exactly like me, but if it means the filling the ranks of the soldiers in WWII with a rainbow of colours, I would rather not have it.

Games just need a good storyline, the color and culture of the characters should reflect the society of the game developers, because you are best at writing what you know best, i.e. your own experiences and dreams. Otherwise you just end up making junk no one can identify with.

- goodman528


In response to "Hippocratic Game Design" from The Escapist Forum: Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk were doctors, Denis Dyack was a taekwondo champion and instructor, and Drew Karpyshyn was a loans officer.

All of this only reveals the importance of general studies and education in comparison to specific formal education focused on game development. Both are important, but the wisest approached is to mix them.

All of this is good though, it means there is hope for me as a law student to get into the games industry (making games, not as a game lawyer). :D

- calelogan


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