In response to "Hippocratic Game Design" from The Escapist Forum: I'm also a diehard handheld gamer rather than a console/PC gamer. Although a lot of this has to do with not really liking TV/most of my family not having a TV, it's also because of the pick up and play atmosphere you find with most handheld gaming.

You're not going to find too many ultra-deep storylines and full voice acting games on the DS: people would be bored silly if they had to wait and watch cutscene after cutscene. But in return, you're not going to find many games that need more than a few minutes to get to the heart of gameplay. Even most RPGs on the DS allow you to skip cutscenes/fast forward through dialogue/etc. Gameplay, not anything else, is at the heart of most handheld ventures (after all, who's going to place graphics/sound at the top of a handheld's priorities vs. a console?).

- Akas

I think the great thing about handhelds now is that not only can they be the a sort of "comfort gaming" experience, but they can also have some pretty "hardcore" games such as Legend of Zelda or Chrono Trigger. They've got the best of both worlds.

In some respects, the Xbox 360 and the PS3 can also have both emotionally intensive games and less involving ones, especially with Xbox Live Arcade and the PSN store. They can never match a handheld, though, in terms of its ability to be such a pick-up-and-play device.

- zoozilla


In response to "The Slot-1 Secret" from The Escapist Forum: It's quite disheartening to know that we, the hardcore crowd, are to blame for Nintendo shunning us. Ever since E3, we've been condoning Nintendo for selling out to the casual crowd, when in reality they were snubbing us as thieves. I'm very much anti-piracy: we live in a capitalist society that ideally rewards good producers with profits. With piracy, we're giving a big "fuck you" to good developers such as Konami and Intelligent Systems who are losing money in appeasing the hardcore crowd.

I currently own a DS lite and have no plans to upgrade. If Nintendo wants to nip this problem in the bud, they have to capitalize off flash carts. They should sell compatible flash carts for the lite so we don't feel burned when the DSi crowd can instantly buy and download the newest games steam-style.

- wildcard 9


In response to "Public Speaking with Nintendo" from The Escapist Forum: A truly entertaining article. I have enough trouble answering my phone in public, I couldn't imagine yelling at my handheld.

Personally, I think every DS game that includes voice commands should have some manual equivalent. I understand that Phantom Hourglass is supposed to be novel because it doesn't use the buttons and only has touchscreen and vocal controls, but that could alienate alot of gamers who play their DS's on busses or trains. Would it have been hard to designate one of the face buttons or D-pad to replace the voice commands?

That question isn't retorical actually, I've never played Phantom Hourglass so I'm not 100% sure how the voice commands work :-P

- Graham


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