In response to "Videogames: Are Your Children Safe?" from The Escapist Forum: I've been pointing out the long, long list of other media accused of "corrupting the youth of Athens" er... well, I'll say that people over the millennia have blamed a lot of forms of recreation for a lot of sins, but prohibition of those diversions doesn't seem to stop youth from acting like youth.

Yet when you point out that the '50s TV show Davy Crockett killed a lot more people with a lot fewer consequences over its run than anyone ever did in Manhunt, people think you're crazy to compare the two because Crockett was a kid's show. At least in the game violent death isn't balletically elegant and neat.

Humans are weird.

-- Steve

PS: If Mortal Kombat weirds folks out, why are they okay with "Punch and Judy" shows?

- Anton P. Nym

Really well written article. I always enjoy reading the ones that debate both for and against video game violence, it's a subject that lies close to a lot of people and yet there is no definite answer.

I've considered a few of these myself, especially the ones about competition, quality gaming and role playing. Though there are very valid arguments as to why video game violence inspires real life violence one should look at it from other angles as well.

Two thumbs up.

- Littaly

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