In response to "High Scores for Hope" from The Escapist Forum: Good read, though I could've sworn Desert Bus raised more than 22k...I thought it was in the 70,000's?

Anyway, I would absolutely love to be in a charity such as this, it sounds like a lot of fun. No doubt if I could find a group to work with I'd be doing this, too. Thanks go out to the "Speed Gamers".

- Say Anything

This article was really inspiring. While I do some charity work every year, this motivates me to think more and more outside the box with fundraising. Fantastic article, and sounds like some great people having some fun for a good cause.

I would like to add that this is a tremendous way to get younger generations involved in helping their community and that rocks!

- dieseldub


In response to "Preserving Our Playable Past" from The Escapist Forum: It's amazing how many of us have had similar experiences. I can't believe I abandoned all my old books, games, magazines, manuals. What was I thinking? I needed the space, and I wanted the small amount of money I could get, but it wasn't worth it. I could still have an enormous treasure trove of nostalgia to look through, and even if that's all it was, that would be more than enough. I'm a fool.

And so, of course, that's where GOG and what not come in. Maybe we'll eventually see these services expand to new heights. GOG, for one, is really doing what it can and getting better and better. It will be a while before it can replace the treasure trove I threw blindly away, but I don't think anything can do that.

- Jesse_Dylan

I remember the sense of loss I felt when I heard that my brother had garage-sold our Atari 2600, ColecoVision, and all the games. It seemed like such a big deal.

And yet, my Sega Genesis sits in the basement gathering dust, hasn't seen the light of day in years.

Interesting related note, though: just this month, I bought both the Namco Arcade Museum and the Sonic Genesis Collection for the Xbox 360, two collections of older games. And I've noticed that the Wii has releases of older stuff as well (I think they just released some Commodore 64 games). Just goes to show there is a market, and at least a couple publishers have noticed.

- CyberKnight

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