In response to "Multiboxing to Level 80 Nirvana" from The Escapist Forum: Ha ha... I'll explain if I have to?

Basically, Blizzard have said "yeah, go ahead. We don't mind", but that doesn't mean that other players who DON'T multibox are not at a disadvantage.

Imagine you're taking part in a race (car racing). The rules of the race say "you must drive a Ford Escort 1999, to make the race fair". Everyone else turns up with the standard Escort, but you've gone away and spent lots of money on customising it, meaning that your top speed is higher than theirs. Admittedly, you have had to sacrifice some control, but you DO have a better top speed. The result? You (even though you may not be the best driver out there) have a better chance of winning, simply because you can afford to throw the cash at it. Now, whilst if you're spectacularly rubbish in comparison to the other racers, you'll get your ass handed to you, if you're of level or slightly less than level in terms of skill, you have gained an unfair advantage.

- wordsmith

Every individual character of a multiboxer is handicapped. In all of the game's high end content (raids/arenas), participant amount is limited. There's nothing to complain about.

Also, "sportsmanship" has nothing to do with WoW and world PvP. Some people are higher level, have better gear and more friends, and ambush you to the best of their ability when you are just about dead. That's what WoW is about. That's what WoW is like.

- Nutcase

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