In response to "The Escapist On: Griefing" from The Escapist Forum: Killing people of the opposing faction on a PvP server is pretty normal, they're enemies after all so you kill them on sight. That's what factions mean.

The Eve ripoff seller, well, isn't the whole point of the game to make money? I wouldn't say that was a trick with no purpose, sounds more like a trick to make a ton of money quickly. Or did the money you pay end up flowing down the drain of the economy instead of going into that player's pockets?

IMO it's not griefing as long as it's done to a valid target, you're allowed to do anything you want to enemies but turning on your own team is where the freedom ends, you do that and you deserve a ban. Many people add stupid extra rules to games, especially RTSes, that ban any strategy they are unable to cope with (often because they plain suck at the game) and, well, sometimes they don't even spell them out. In Spring we have tons of people who complain about comnaps, comdrops, etc, all of which are high risk strategies that can either win the game immediately or lose it just as fast. Some people think those strategies are griefing but they're actually accounted for by the designers of the games.

- KDR_11k

No, griefing cannot be stopped. Not like the guy said in the video, like just log out, go have a drink or something and when you come back, hopefully the giefer already left. That's cowardice. If you give in to the griefer, he already won, because the ultimate goal of a griefer is to ruin everyone else's fun to his own amusement. And if he manages to aggravate you to the point you quit the game, that's the victory dance for the griefer, because he defeated you, he proved that you are a n00b, you suck and he is the ultimate demigod of [insert game]. You won't ruin his fun by getting angry, and certainly not by (even indirectly) admitting defeat, in fact, you are making him stronger.

Griefer lives off of the...well...grief of their victims, it's in the name. If you take that away from him, he loses interest. The griefer feeds off of the pain, aggravation and misery of other players, but if you don't show any of that, soon he'll lose interest and move on. The best way to make a griefer leave, is to pay absolutely no attention to him. Mute him on voice chat and ignore everything he does. This is good for two reasons. One, you are not enabling him, and two, you won't get angry and ruin your own fun. Sure, you are a level 4 Nobody on the server, and he is a lvl 86 Warrior/Mage/Awesome and he killed you in one hit "kekeke! LOL n00b!"'d you, looted your lifeless corpse and left looking for other prey. Was that unfair? Sure. Was that evil? Yes. Can you do anything about it? No. So why get aggravated? You'll just making him have more fun, if you run around cursing his name. Accept the fact that such bastards exist, ignore the hell out of him, and try to have fun with the other, normal people on the server.

- Playbahnosh

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