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My general strategy to only rent games and, when buying one, buy a game that's at least two years old (and thus one quarter of the release price) has worked so far.

And here in Brazil brick-and-mortar stores are dead. Unless you're buying games directly from the importer you'll be paying double the price in taxes and mark-ups.

- The Random One

I find myself buying less at retail, but more susceptible to the impulse purchase on Live using Microsoft Spacebucks these days. I suppose I really shouldn't load up 5000 points at a time since you don't save anything by buying in bulk, but it's nice to have a little cache of currency that can ONLY be used for game stuff.

Needless to say, the cache rarely lasts long.

Also I donated $50 to the most excellent website www.gamerswithjobs.com today.

- Clemenstation


In response to "Playing Like It's My Job" from The Escapist Forum: The sheer volume of management sims and city builders I've played during stretches of unemployment as I've tried to find my place in the finance industry speaks volumes about the brain's need for consistency and willingness to generate it artificially. With no real-world company spreadsheets to pore over and work with, I found myself poring over and working with artificial company spreadsheets. Too bad I can't put it on a resumé.

- SimuLord

If you have savings to rely on for a while, it's probably ok to obsess over gaming rather than looking seriously for work. While I was unemployed and limping along on unemployment benefits that scarcely pay for groceries (much less a mortgage), the anxiety of mounting debt was incentive enough to keep me off the XBOX and the computer during work hours. I hope never to be in that spot again.

Advice for any of you falling into the "gaming trap", make a regular schedule. You'll have plenty of time to game once those resumes are out the door (or inbox).

- LANProfessor

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