In response to "Finding Meaning in Modern Warfare" from The Escapist Forum: "Can you still make the story work?" His reply? "No! But I'll figure it out."

THIS is exactly why the stories in FPS are so mind-blowingly disjointed, yet some still manage to show glimpses of absolute brilliance. Seriously, they need to bear the writer's opinion first, by all means!

- Tonimata


In response to "The Escapist On: Storytelling" from The Escapist Forum:

I don't like storytelling in games... at their heart, videogames are still *games* which really makes a mess of my suspension of disbelief.

For example, I walk Nathan Drake along the edge of some crumbling wall to grab a shiny artifact I can see a short distance away. In a butter-fingers moment, he goes flying off the edge and dies. Half an hour later, he's in a dialogue scene where a villain's got a gun pointed at his head. Now what's crumbling is my suspension of disbelief. Nate can take a dozen gunshots before dying, and even if he dies he gets to try again and again until he wins... so what's the deal with letting this situation set him back? It's inconsistent. *My* Nathan Drake would just turn around and unload the usual truckload of whoop-ass, sweep the girl off her feet, toss all the ancient treasures in a sack and fly away into the sunset right then and there; but NOOOO in "the story" he's got to act like this generic goon with a crappy handgun is some kind of threat. It's the same for the enemies: what the hell is up with taking Nathan *hostage*? He's deadlier than ebola!

That's why I like abstract games (shmups e.g.) and simulations. That sort of game doesn't give a damn if you win or lose... there's no narrative that's pre-determined on your progress and success, so failure isn't a total disruption of your immersion in the game.

- NamesAreHardToPick

Is Logan a new face at The Escapist, or just on video? Hope to see more of him about, and not just to add a few more non-American accents to the mix. Mad props for admitting you look forward to the day that a game makes you cry - I'm in the same boat. The end of Half-Life II: Episode II made my tear up a little, but I look forward to crying like a bitch when someone makes a story that good.

Strange that Russ is all "Story? Pshaw, unnecessary!" Being an editor, I'd assumed he'd appreciate the story.

I remember, back in my day, cutscenes were a reward, so again I'm on the same page as Logan. You'd work hard to get to a certain point and you'd get rewarded with an awesome cutscene. And you know what you'd do right after? Call your friends or go into school the next day and tell them all about it.

"And then the bad guy like waved his arms like THIS and BWOOSH he totally summoned lightning from nowhere and threw it but the good guy was like GODS PROTECT ME and made this little move with his fingers and the lightning TOTALLY FLEW BACK AT THE BAD GUY IT WAS AWESOME."

- Nerdfury

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