In response to "Send In the Lawyers" from The Escapist Forum: Nice quick overview of some of the great legal battles of the industry. Sad to not see Tetris, although I guess that one is hard to summarize. It's a huge and amazing story.

Some of these are terribly interesting when looked at in more detail. The Donkey Kong suit for example was much more sinister than it sounds on the surface. Nintendo got the royalties payout because Universal was essentially bullying third parties into not working with them. Universal, especially at that time, was a feared behemoth and it's legal team was infamously powerful, you just straight up did NOT mess with it. They were threatening Nintendo partners and killing business for them. While most companies would cave or attempt to settle, the Japanese-based Nintendo went in head-first to defend its honor. Them winning that suit was a real victory for the little guy, Universal was supposed to be undefeatable.

Ironically, over the years Nintendo is now the one with an infamously powerful legal team. They have the gods of justice on their side or something, they've won a lot of cases over the years that did not look favorable going in. Nintendo's legal history, especially in the NES period, is quite interesting and I encourage anyone who's remotely interested in the topic to read up on it.

- nmaster64


In response to "Gunners and Gamers" from The Escapist Forum:

Marine Mike:
"They used pipe bombs and other IED devices"

IED stand for Improvised Explosive Device... so they used improvised explosive device devices?

Unless they got their hands on a standard issue, manufactured, and trademarked pipe bomb from somewhere, the pipe bombs would have been homebuilt out of various components which classifies them as IEDs. So yes, they did.

Interesting and well-written article, Russ.

Indeed, thanks for writing a good, well thought out article regarding the topic. Most of the time you only hear from the extreme far left gun fearing liberals ("A gun by itself on a table will kill three babies and a kitten in less than twelve minutes!) and the extreme far right gun worshiping conservatives ("MolĂ´n labe!"). Its good to hear from the rational middle ground, which is where many gun owners and gamers reside.

I think emphasis on proper approach to the hobby are important. Can you get hurt or hurt others if you don't know what you're doing, don't take safety classes, and go down to your local gun store to buy the biggest pistol you can get your hands on? Absolutely. You could also do the same if you threw yourself down the expert slope with no experience on a set of skis or snowboard or drove off in daddy's car without ever having learned how to drive.

I learned about firearms when I was young as a Boy Scout. Growing up, my dad owned (and still owns) over a dozen which I was exposed to, though they were always locked in a gun safe except when he pulled them out to show us in a controlled environment and taught us proper safety. I attended Basic Combat Training with the Army in 2007 where I learned even more about firearm safety and handeling of firearms (especially important as we were being trained to consistantly handle high power, loaded, automatic weapons). Even then, I still take safety / training courses as time and funds permit to keep up on my skills.

The individuals walking into a store to "get a sniper rifle" so they can "pwn noobs" are concerning. Though they also present an opportunity (if you know / meet that person) to get them into a firearm safety class (ideally one where they both learn safety skills and also get live fire time on a range) and change them from potentially worrisome overly enthusiastic hazards into responsible gun owners.

- BishopOfBattle

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