In response to "BoxeR in Brief" from The Escapist forum: Living in South Korea, I can testify that the "unflattering stereotypes" mentioned have not been dismantled entirely. Games are popular, yes, and pro-gamers may be more well known due to the TV coverage, but the hobby overall is still seen by many as a waste of time. It's changing though.

- copycatalyst


In response to "Only Zerg Rush In" from The Escapist forum: Like Brenden Main said he used to, I approach RTS scenarios as puzzles, which absolutely led me to prefer groups like the Protoss. It also led me to lose nearly every multiplayer match I ever tried, because I'm used to sitting back, building defenses capable of withstanding the (admittedly anemic) computer attacks, and planning a destruction of guile and precision. This is a great strategy for some situations, but it is rather too slow (or at least, I am) for the realities of multiplayer combat. With a real, live opponent, speed is absolutely essential, especially for a game like StarCraft. A good commander must be lightning-quick, both in developing overall strategy and delivering the orders to carry it out; these are two things of which I am not particularly capable in a time-sensitive environment.

- Chasmodius

With all the hullabaloo about SC2, I recently decided to pop back into the original and take it for a spin. I failed spectacularly on the first mission you can get zerg rushed in. It's the one where you have to hold a Terran base for something like 20 minutes to a half hour, or just go and destroy the Zergs if you're good enough. Since I hadn't played in years (it actually took me about an hour just to find my discs) I decided to just wait out the timer.

That... didn't work so well. I technically won, but it was ridiculously close. The Zerg swarmed my defenses and slaughtered all my units, then started destroying every building I had. The timer ran out and I was "rescued" with one building left and even that about to fall.

I've since regained some of my previous abilities, but that was an eye opening moment. The years had dulled the memories of getting zerg rushed, something my friend loved to do. I would always turtle, and hope to withstand his initial barrage long enough to build superior units and tactically eliminate him, but it was always a battle between rushing and planning.

- mikekearn

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