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Letters to the Editor
Can't Get it Out of My Head

The Escapist Staff | 13 Feb 2007 11:00
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It's just a silly student project. The graphics are pretty crappy and I didn't have time to implement some of the more fun aspects of Chaos like mounting creatures or the blob, but I like to think it's a really fun casual game you can play in short bursts.
This game gave me a nomination for best game idea at the Swedish Game Awards '05, which honestly was kind of embarassing concidering it wasn't really my idea to begin with.

- Scarabus1

In response to "Jumpgate" from The Escapist Daily: Hello,

I was reading your coverage of the EVE Developer Misconduct story and I wanted to comment briefly on some of your coverage. First off, I'd like to say that it is refreshing to see an article that approaches this topic from a true journalistic perspective. Many sites, including Slashdot, have simply repeated sensationalist opinions on the events that have transpired. Joe Blancato did an outstanding job of approaching the topic from an unbiased position.

I do, however, think that his sources may have provided him with a perception of the event that is not complete. I've been playing EVE for the last 4 years (since its release) and I've been a member of both GoonSwarm (I know Remedial and have met him) and Band of Brothers.

There is a lot of resentment between these two organizations. I would suggest contacting either Sir Molle or Blacklight (both executives within Band of Brothers) to get their side of the story, because many of GoonSwarm's accusations imply that they knowingly abused game mechanics (a bannable offense). I think an interview with one of them would provide the balance that a situation like this calls for.

Regardless, your coverage has been far above average.


Justin Appler

Hi Justin,
Thank you for the compliments. I just wanted to let you know we did in fact contact BoB for their input, but they responded: "CCP's official announcement can be found on the Eve Online forums. We have no interest in expanding on that."

I've updated the main article, as well as the interview with Remedial to reflect the new info.



In response to "Dichotomy of Anonymity" from The Escapist Daily: Personally, I have had a tough time listening to what people say about gamers. My most frustrating moment came a few months ago, watching the Video Game Awards on Spike. I have never seen something so off the point. Did spike really believe that gamers would like watching a parade of hot celebrities making fun of gamers, calling them "15 year old virgins" over and over again? Was I supposed to be happy to see a beautiful woman bash my interests, during a program that was designed for my viewing pleasure no less?

I take comedy with good humor most of the time. If its not video games that I'm thinking about during my free time, its stand up comedy. There is a line, however. Self-effacing humor is funny when it is SELF-effacing.

You have here a situation where gamers are being generalized as sexually under-developed and under-experienced children. So then, why am I attracted to female gamers? Well, it's nice when you meet someone that won't bash something you love doing. It's nice when you have a relationship with someone that doesn't belittle your interests. A lot of non-gamer women, and even casual game-playing males, find devotion and love of gaming to be 'silly'. I just want to be with someone that won't ridicule something I find so much joy in doing.
- Blaxton

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