In response to "The Man Who Would be Zynga" from the Escapist Forums: Sorry, but I'm going to call bullshit on most of what I've just read.

Not what Bryan has to say about his experiences and such, he knows more about what he's seen than I have.

What I am calling bullshit on is all this "Zynga is taking over the gaming market, run for your life!"

When was the last time anyone on this site even cared about Zynga anymore? We had March Mayhem, then a bit after that there was nothing. E3 was all big budget stuff, current videogame related news are about the Kinect or the Playstation Move, or it's just about games. Hell, the last I remember about Zynga games is that news article about the Facebook game poking fun at Facebook games.

Zynga is like what the Wii was a long time ago: Something we all made a big deal about but now no longer bother with. The Wii doesn't advertise it's motion controls every 5 seconds anymore, much rather advertising it's selection of games, and Zynga is keeping itself to Facebook while we have our attention pointed at either the big titles or the indie games on PSN/XBLA/Steam.

And guess what? I'll bet you that the same thing will happen to Kinect and PSMove. People will make a big deal about it (come to think of it, many of us already have), then move on, and it will just be something irrelevant of the past. Still there, still accessible, but no longer in the spotlight.

- Hubilub

I wish that Bryan would go back to his roots. I think that he developed the best interface ever for a RTS game (Rise of Nations, which I still play at least once a week, and what I believe is one of the most underrated games of all time, Rise of Legends). He did great work with all of the Civilization series of games (Civ II, Colonization, and Alpha Centauri) which really should have been named after Bryan, not Sid Meier. I just feel that he sold out both himself and all of the true PC gamers by joining Zynga. I keep trying some of the Zynga games, but all of them, with maybe the exception of the poker game, are just mindless clickfests that try to get people to spend real money for a virtual item that has very very limited usefulness. Even so, the poker game itself is annoying me, as it does everything that it can to try to get more money out of the end user.

I do understand that Facebook provides a useful social interaction, but I think that the Zynga games are becoming the Amway of the internet. We are all sick of the facebook spam that these games generate. I joined facebook to connect with my friends, not to have them (via the Zynga game) ask me to give them a virtual object that they need for some useless collection. I don't care that somebody reached level 137 in the game. I think that it is not the sign of a good game when family and friends complain that that's all they see from you. I know that the application can be blocked, but if the game was good, why should everyone have to block it?

I think that what Blizzard is doing (and something that Bryan should be doing) regarding integrating Facebook with is actually not a bad idea. Instead of Starcraft 2 being within Facebook, there are connectors that allow you to import Facebook friends into the game. They've also announced that they are going to provide further interaction, but I'll never have to log into Facebook to launch the game.

Please, Bryan, I urge you, come back to where you belong. I'm just incredibly sad that you exchanged respect for cash.

- mustang05tim


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