The 15 Best Mario-Related Videos On the Internet

John Funk | 21 May 2010 07:00
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Super Mario 64 Beaten In 15:53

It's true that this isn't the fastest Mario 64 speed run out there: Others have beaten Mario's classic 64-bit outing more quickly, and with fewer stars - but somehow, that video doesn't quite feel as fun as this one does. You want to see him get the stars that he does, pulling off acrobatic feats that we mere mortals could barely imagine. Hell, I'd love to see a speedrun of somebody getting all 120 stars, just to see how they'd do it.

The next time somebody calls Mario "fat," show them this clip, because he sure can move.

Super Mario Bros. 3 Beaten in 11 Minutes

Another speed run, this time of the timeless Mario 3. While this video is devoid of Mario wall-kicking his way around town like he's the Prince of freaking Persia, it's still awesome - and shows off someone who remembers SMB3 down to the last pixel.

As with the previous speed run video, this is a TAS (tool assisted) video, which means that the people are playing the game on a special emulator designed to help them perfect their run frame by frame. Some consider it cheating, but I just think of it as a way to squeeze pure perfection out of your triumph. What's more awesome than getting the most perfect run that a game possibly allows?

Super Mario Bros. Frustration Speed Run

Remember Super Mario Bros. Frustration from the last page? Remember how I asked, "how could any one person be expected to beat that?" Was it truly impossible?

Nope. Not only is this video somebody beating Mario Frustration, it's somebody speed running Mario Frustration, and beating it in 3 minutes, 21 seconds. Unlike the other two videos, I don't think this is a TAS - you clearly see the player backpedal once or twice, which probably isn't intentional. Unless it is. With a mod like Frustration, who can tell?

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