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The Escapist Staff | 10 Jun 2011 22:00
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Uncharted 3

Quip-spouting pulp-action everyman Nathan Drake is returning again for Uncharted 3. Returning with him will be the co-op campaign, which now includes a persistent perk mode as well as tying the storyline into the single-player campaign more heavily, and competitive multiplayer, which now has character customization, increased awards, and other additions to the mode to make it even more enjoyable than the previous entries.

Read Allistair's full preview of Uncharted 3 Co-op here, and read Tom's full preview of Uncharted 3 competitive multiplayer here. The game is due for release November 1 on the PS3.

Allistair Pinsof:
While demoing Uncharted 3's co-op campaign, Naughty Dog consistently referred to it as a cooperative "adventure" rather than mode - and for good reason. The mode returns with new additions, including some unique to the mode and others shared with competitive multiplayer and single player. Co-op also features its own booster (perk) system that you unlock as you earn money in the co-op campaign. While the character roles in the co-op campaign will still be fixed and mission specific, there is much more variety in how to approach combat.

The co-op level I demoed took place in a massive, worn-down brick castle. It starts off with Drake, Sully and Elena swimming through the sewers. Once safety is reached, the group is immediately ambushed and set on a series of firefights that take place in different locations. Even when players are positioned in the same area for a while, the goals and strategic points are constantly shifting. A player may decide to take a sniping vantage point one minute and then run head-on into the action with a shotgun, the next - the environments are large and complex, making each a reasonable approach. Though, mission goals often force players not to stay dormant for long. In the mission I played, goals switched back-and-forth between "get to this point," "defend this point, and "capture the gold shiny thing."

The co-op demo ended with three helicopters arriving out of nowhere with their bright lights positioned on Drake and crew. Like a great episode of TV, it left me wondering what will happen next. And, like a great demo, it left me wanting to play it again and again.

Tom Goldman:
What I noticed right away is that everyone in multiplayer looks different. Instead of just choosing different characters to play as, which varied from Nathan Drake to a glowing skeleton in Uncharted 2, you'll now be able to customize those avatars to your liking with all sorts of clothing and item variations.

I played deathmatch in a jungle environment with a ruined stone building. It was nicely designed compared to the levels found in Uncharted 2, featuring tons of climbing spots, different platforms on multiple levels, lots of cover, and unique environmental features such as a turret (which left you very vulnerable, so don't hang out there).

I got a small taste of the new features in Uncharted 3 when a power play kicked in. Power plays are basically events that occur during multiplayer matches, providing certain conditions and bonuses for those that fulfill them. The power play in my game was "marked man," which marked an enemy and made our team go after him and the opposing team protect him. The opposing team didn't do so well, and he fell to my burning hot lead (thanks sniper rifle). These power plays are definitely a great addition to the already hectic Uncharted multiplayer game.

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