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The Escapist Staff | 10 Jun 2011 18:00
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Aliens: Colonial Marines

Xenomorphs are wonderful in a terrible way. They play on many of the greatest fears we have: we don't understand them, even with technology we are weaker than they are, and the very structures we built for safety and protection are their ideal hunting grounds. There have been many games based at least in part on the Aliens franchise, some better than others, but they all share one thing: even though you're carrying futuristic weapons on a spaceship that stands testament to the ability of mankind, you still feel endangered, disempowered, and scared.

Read Susan's full preview of Aliens: Colonial Marines here. The game is due for release in Spring 2012 on PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, and DS.

Susan Arendt:
The demo was clearly designed to resonate most strongly with fans of the Aliens movie, as it moved through key locations from the movie, replicating specific incidents. The crashed marines began working their way through the remains of the buildings, and it wasn't long before the motion tracker began making its distinctive "You're about to die" warning noise. Raising the tracker into view, seeing those blobs advancing your position as the bleeping becomes more insistent creates palpable tension, which isn't relieved by the xenomorphs' penchant for popping out of vents and flooring without warning. The aliens are fast and vicious, but more importantly, they're unpredictable, which not only makes for a greater FPS challenge, but also cranks up the anxiety level to satisfying degrees.

Colonial Marines nails the look and feel of Aliens absolutely perfectly; a lot of energy was obviously spent on the kind of details that would honor the source material and please fans. Running and gunning is certainly nothing new, but the xenomorphs aren't your standard enemy. They swarm up walls, they leap, they dangle from the ceiling and grab your comrades without hesitation. All the chest-high walls in the world aren't going to help you survive an encounter with them, which is an exciting proposition in an FPS.

Fans of Aliens will appreciate how well Colonial Marines captures the spirit of its source material, but it looks like the game will also appeal to anyone who just wants a good old fashioned bug hunt.

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