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The Escapist Staff | 10 Jun 2011 18:00
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Luigi's Mansion 2

Almost ten years after the eclectic GameCube launch title Luigi's Mansion hit store shelves, Nintendo announced the game's first sequel. Luigi's Mansion 2 once again stars the green Mario brother, who explores a haunted mansion and catches ghosts armed with nothing but a vacuum and a propensity for finding coins. Tom Goldman got a first look at the playable demo on the E3 show floor, where he enjoyed the detailed levels and hidden secrets.

Read Tom's full preview of Luigi's Mansion 2 here. The game is due for release 2012 on Nintendo 3DS.

Tom Goldman:
If you've played Luigi's Mansion, you know what to expect here. Luigi walks around with a vacuum, sucking up ghosts and valuables. The initial level seemed more detailed than those in the GameCube version. I walked Luigi around an outdoor courtyard, using Luigi's vacuum to pull a tarp off of a statue which had a propeller on the top. I put the vacuum in reverse mode to make the propeller spin, pulling the statue up and revealing a cache of treasure. All over the courtyard were secret little areas like this to either suck or blow on to collect dollar bills, coins, gold bars, and other forms of wealth. Luigi can aim the vacuum upward and downward to suck things up from all sorts of levels.

I popped a few ghosts into my vacuum bag and moved onto a long hallway with suits of armor that tried to drop swords down on my head, all the while trying to suck in everything and anything possible. So far, I'm liking Luigi in his new job as professional ghost hunter.

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