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The Escapist Staff | 10 Jun 2011 22:00
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Starhawk was announced a little over a year ago as the spiritual successor to Warhawk. Set far in the future, Starhawk will feature a single-player campaign starring a miner, Emmett Graves, who has been partially mutated by a powerful, lucrative energy source called Rift. Gameplay will be much like Warhawk, with the addition of a "Build & Battle" system that adds strategy to the battles. Tom Goldman played the multiplayer and single-player demos at E3 2011 and was impressed by the versatility of the Build & Battle system.

Read Tom's full preview of Starhawk here. The game is due for release 2012 on PlayStation 3.

Tom Goldman:
Build & Battle allows players to bring up a build menu that is sparse at first, but expands as you collect enough materials from downing enemies. When you first spawn, you might be able to create a building that houses an ATV, a sniper tower, or a simple wall. When you have enough material, you can build an auto turret, a giant laser for taking down flying foes, and more.

Building adds an entire new element and a variation to battle that hasn't been seen in many other titles. One player might just want to sit back and build walls. Another might build a sniper tower and hang out there all day. It's a fun addition that will keep multiplayer fresh and have you guessing what kind of base the other team is assembling.

Red overlays appeared on the ground, meaning that Outcast were about to drop down from the sky just like my buildings to take back the Rift. Cutter taught me how to build walls, a supply bunker, and auto-turrets. Because I could see where enemies were landing, I could strategize about what to build. I put a wall blocking the extractor and auto-turrets around the sides. Another building spawns friendly squad mates that help kill Outcast and climb up on walls to fire down from above. After you create vehicles, like the flying mech, these squadmates can even jump into those.

Enemy mechs and jets were flying about, but from the supply bunker I built I acquired a rocket launcher. After a few shots at each, the jets were down. This was only the first level, but I had learned how to play while also having a ton of hectic fun, unlike most tutorial levels that can be a drag. Starhawk is one to keep an eye out for if you own a PS3 and enjoy single-player and multiplayer shooters.

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