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The Escapist Staff | 10 Jun 2011 22:00
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Asura's Wrath

It's possible that during your time in school, you read a variety of ancient myths and legends. Perhaps you questioned their logic, wondering how it made sense that Athena could live in Zeus' head, or why Zeus would choose to have his head split open to cure a headache when he's a god. Or perhaps you questioned their morals, wondering why the Gods' response to Gilgamesh's oppression of the people is to create a friend for him. Or perhaps you, a man of simpler needs, thought simply, "Damn, dude, wouldn't it be awesome to get into fights like those?!?" If you count yourself among the latter, Asura's Wrath may have been made for you.

Read Susan's full preview of Asura's Wrath here. The game is due for release 2012 for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Susan Arendt:
The word that Capcom wants you to associate with action title Asura's Wrath is "different," and while that certainly is applicable, it's far more likely that you'll think of it as "holy crap did that actually just happen freakin' amazing." Which is admittedly a lot longer to say, but comes closer to expressing what it's like to play the game.
The game is a pure action title, with relentless, nonstop gameplay that constantly surprises you. The fight with Wyzen begins in a pretty straightforward manner - he shoots missiles at you, which you can catch and throw back at him. After you've beaten him up for a while, he grows until he's the size of a mountain, shooting an entire barrage of missiles at you, which you must dodge as you run towards him. Once you get close enough, he leaps into the air, crosses his legs, and drives you into the ground by sitting on you. It's a move that should be hilarious - you are stuck under a giant's butt, after all - but instead it just emphasizes the brutality of the game's combat. Crushing you into the ground isn't enough, so Wyzen gets up and begins punching you over and over, further into the ground, to make absolutely sure you get the point that he is mighty and you are a bug.
And suddenly Asura has six arms. What the hell?
That's the kind of curveball that Asura's Wrath likes to throw, changing up the rules without warning, but doing it in a way that keeps the action interesting and fun. I had to pound on the B button to push Wyzen's hand away, and appreciated the meter at the top of the screen that let me know how close I was to success. Once I was out of the ground, it was time to take on the spaceship.
Yes. Spaceship.


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