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The Escapist Staff | 10 Jun 2011 18:00
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End of Nations

Many people have attempted a MMO version of an RTS (often, we call it "war") and most haven't achieved significant commercial success. Petroglyph is taking a slightly different approach with End of Nations by allowing deep customization and personalization of a limited set of units, rather than playing like a more traditional RTS, which may give them an edge.

Read Tom's full preview of End of Nations here. The game is due for release sometime this year for PC.

Tom Goldman:
End of Nations is an MMO of sorts, but it also has an expansive single-player campaign. This is where you'll gradually learn how to play the game instead of being thrown into a PvP match with the best 14-year-old on the planet. The game is set 50 years in the future and focuses on the Liberation Front and its battle against the oppressive Order of Nations. Players can pick their faction, and then also a class.

The real meat of the game for most players will probably be End of Nations' Living Battlefield, which is a map that shows where all of the individual battles in the world are occurring. It notes if they're PvP, a tutorial, etc. Players can jump into a battle at anytime, but Petroglyph will make sure you can't spawn into a PvP game and take the win at the last second. Persistence on the Living Battlefield comes in through battles that take place over cycles. At the end of the cycle, which may last a month, the participating players will receive rewards and the cycle will reset. Guilds, clans, and individual players will want to get their hands on these rewards.

Maps support 26 v. 26 players. Players create their army beforehand and do not build it in the map. An army is fully customizable right down to the design of each individual unit. If you want a leopard-print attack helicopter, and another painted like a lily, you can do it (no joke). Parts of each unit will be customizable too with End of Nations' mod system that'll give them more power as they're upgraded.

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