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The Escapist Staff | 10 Jun 2011 18:00
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Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

When asked what first sprang to mind upon hearing the phrase Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, my coworker responded with, "Saturn?" Developer Fuelcell Games is significantly weirder (believe me, that's saying something!) and instead made a game about UFOs with arm-ripping claws.

Read Sarah's full preview of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet here. The game will be available this August for XBLA.

Sarah LeBoeuf:
Set on an alien planet, you control a tiny UFO with a few tools at its disposal. At first, you only have the scanner, which displays what you need to get past obstacles and defeat enemies, and the claw arm, with which you can pick up items or rib appendages from foes. These items are displayed in a tool wheel, and can also be assigned customizable hot keys, making it easier to whip out the scanner or any other tool you happen to use a lot.

There's a lot of exploration in Shadow Planet, and it feels not unlike the more recent Castlevania games, meaning there's some going back and forth as you acquire upgrades and better items that allow you to access new areas. After finding the laser, I was able to shoot projectiles, and there were a handful of other spots open on the tool wheel for items to come later in the game.

While Shadow Planet pretty effectively combines different elements to make a fun gameplay experience, it also stands out because of its distinct art style. I know I said it looked like Limbo at first, but other than the shadowy backdrop there's really no comparison. It's colorful, though the scenery is kind of-well, twisted and nightmarish are actually good adjectives in this case, making the title seem more and more perfect.

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