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Greg Tito | 6 Jul 2011 16:00
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Xbox 360 Laptop

Mobile gaming with handheld systems like the Nintendo DS is great and all, but some people might want to play the kind of console experience you get at home while you were on the road. You could huff around your Xbox 360, and hope there's a decent display and power to hook it up somewhere. Or you could build a custom "laptop" with display, console and handy keyboard all in one convenient that allows you to play Modern Warfare 3 literally anywhere.

Other teams have made Xbox 360 laptops, but this one is certainly one of the prettiest and most functional. Importantly, the power cords are idiot-proof and the video can push to not only the onboard monitor but a larger display if you have one available. This mod by "thetwoj" and his friend get negative points for no HDMI out, though. back to the drawing board!

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