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Greg Tito | 6 Jul 2011 16:00
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Digital Pinball Machine

It's a sad fact that pinball machines are a dying breed. Even the two pinball cabinets we had in near The Escapist Magazine's offices are on their last legs. The mechanical bumpers and moving parts requires someone with the know-how to keep them working and there just aren't enough people with the desire to be pinball mechanics anymore. Luckily, there's a way to still enjoy the tactical feel of a pinball cabinet that's more software than hardware. A digital pinball kit.

Instructables user "tbarklay" posted a guide on how to build the digital pinball cabinet that he labeled his "Pintendo." All you need is a computer, two monitors, and some wiring knowhow to get the buttons connected. Building materials and carpentry skills are a plus to get the cabinet looking pretty. Once you get it all together, you can download whatever pinball game you want to play and become the pinball wizard trapped inside you - deaf, dumb, blind and all.

Quarter slot optional ...

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