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The Escapist Staff | 22 Jul 2011 23:20
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Dead Island

Release Date: September 6, 2011
Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC

The next zombie franchise made a splash with its time-bending trailer released around GDC, but the developers were quick to say that Dead Island would be more like your typical survival game. But that doesn't mean it won't accomplish its goal of scaring the pants of players and getting their blood pumping.

The combat and focus on melee weapons is similar to Dead Rising.From the first encounter on, the fights against the game's undead are horrifying. The way they latch on you to made me squirm. They grab a hold and nibble on you, until you shake them off with the triggers.

The island's open environment occasionally offers multiple paths to get to a location. The scale is more reminiscent of Far Cry than Fallout 3, but there is plenty of fun to be had by exploring and seeing what you can get away with in the game world. The game's excellent mini-map keeps the player from feeling lost in Dead Island's large and dangerous world. It curves and redirects you to your objective, as you explore and walk along new paths.

Read the full preview of Dead Island here.


Game: Dead Island
Genre: Action
Developer: Techland
Publisher: Deep Silver
Platform(s): PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Available from: Amazon(US), GameStop(US), Amazon(UK), Play.com(UK)


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