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The Escapist Staff | 22 Jul 2011 19:20
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Twisted Metal

Release Date: October 4, 2011
Platform: PS3

Twisted Metal, the latest game in the Twisted Metal franchise, was announced to a great deal of fanfare at Sony's E3 2010 press conference and was available in two demos at this year's E3. Like previous games in the series, Twisted Metal focuses on vehicle combat with both multiplayer and single player modes. Steve Butts played both a free-for-all deathmatch, similar to previous Twisted Metal games, and the new Nuke the Base mode.

The giant robot flies around the level, launching vicious attacks at the player. To beat her, you'll need to track down the nearby faction leaders, who can be spotted driving around the level in red limousines. The leaders have their own guards, so you'll have a hard time taking them out but, once you do, you can drag the leader behind your car to a nearby missile truck. An opening in the back of the truck reveals geared jaws and massive flames, and you've got to sacrifice the leader here in order to launch the missiles.

After the second hit, Iron Maiden goes crazy, vomiting out baby heads left and right as you pour fire into her. Your regular weapons are good enough now that your second missile has reduced her shields, but you've got a few more phases to go before she's completely defeated and the clown-prostitute finally gets what's coming to her.

Read the full preview of Twisted Metal here.

Game: Twisted Metal
Release Date: October 4, 2011
Genre: Driving
Developer: Eat Sleep Play
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform(s): PS3
Available from: Amazon(US), GameStop(US), Amazon(UK), Play.com(UK)


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