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Greg Tito | 22 Dec 2011 22:30
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I freaked out when I saw this mod pop up on SkyrimNexus. Finally, a full UI overhaul that takes advantage of screen real estate and sortable lists? Sweet! I happily replaced QD Inventory with SkyUI to check it out. The new mod completely remodels the inventory UI to organize your items according to category and has handy icons to help distinguish them. The columns look and act great, allowing you to sort by weight, name or applicable stat and the filter form at the top effectively lets you search your bags for that one item very quickly.

The problem is that SkyUI is a work in progress and only alters your main inventory window. When you speak to a shop owner, or trade items with your housecarl or a chest, the same annoying default UI comes up. And honestly, I use those windows way more than I do just my standard inventory, so SkyUI doesn't really improve my game that much. Add to that the necessity of keeping a separate scripting mod up to date, and I removed SkyUI from my system almost immediately after I tried it out.

It's back to QD Inventory for me, but I'll be watching the development of SkyUI closely. The mod author team plans to eventually rewrite the whole UI and release them one at a time, starting with the much-needed magic menu overhaul. I'm looking forward to the whole project being finished but feel free to check out the work in progress.

Download SkyUI here.

Skyrim Sunglare

This little mod made me a lot more happy than I thought it would. I love how the light changes when you look up at the sky in the daylight in vanilla Skyrim, but it was always strange just seeing a mass of bright white where the sun should be. This mod adds a non-intrusive glare and lens flare that recreates the effect of viewing the sun through a camera. Skyrim Sunglare adds a cinematic touch to wandering around the mountains and plains of the north.

If you think the lens flare is unrealistic, mod author Laast was kind enough to include a version with just the glare effect.

Download Skyrim Sunglare here

Enhanced Night Skyrim

Author CptJoker just didn't think night sky looked right in Skyrim. There were too few stars, and the lack of recognizable galaxies wasn't realistic enough for him, so he made a mod that replaced the night sky textures. The result for me after I downloaded it was that I instantly enjoyed adventuring at night. I mean, the aurora borealis already looked amazing, but when you have authentic-looking star fields behind it, well, the effect is just awesome.

By definition Skyrim modders love to customize, so CptJoker provided a bunch of different version sof his new textures so fans could pick and choose how the night sky looks. Want more stars but with a blue-tinted galaxy? Or a low level of stars with warmer tones in the galaxy? Enhanced Night Skyrim has got you covered with the ability to mix and match mods.

Download Enhanced Night Skyrim here

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