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Greg Tito | 22 Dec 2011 22:30
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Skyrim Flora Overhaul

On top of the Lush Grass mod I talked about last week, I really wanted something to make the trees and shrubbery of the north appear more vibrant. The answer was Vurt's Flora Overhaul which improves the textures and color palette of the forests, grasses and random plants of the game, including that big ol' tree in Whiterun.

The Flora Overhaul is a huge work in progress, with a large number of textures planning to be added by Vurt, so be sure to check back to see what additions he's made. The best part of this mod, it plays nice with other mods that deal with the flora like Lush Grass and Trees by OpticShooter. With all of them combined, the fields and forests of Skyrim don't look as bare.

But you don't have to take my word for it, check out this video a fan made showing off Vurt's work:

Download Skyrim Flora Overhaul here.

KenMOD - Skip Bethesda Intro


When I start up my game, I want the shortest amount of time between clicking that icon and playing the game as possible. That's why I'm always frustrated by the Bethesda Softworks logo popping up before the game menu, because there no way skip through it. I spammed the ESC button but no dice, we are forced to just let the animation play. I get that Bethesda wants brand recognition, but it's not like I suddenly forget who made the game if I don't see their logo on a daily basis. You're just adding steps between me and slaughtering horkers on the beach.

Apparently, this is a quick and easy fix. Kenney - who has the annoying tendency of putting his name in every mod he makes - has provided a mod that replaces the animation file from Bethesda with a dummy that plays through almost instantly. The result: no more logo. I have saved 5 seconds of my life, multiplied by however many times I've started up the game.

That's like five hours ... Thanks, Kenney!

Download KenMOD - Skip Bethesda Intro here.

Enhanced Blood Textures

The blood in the game was not honestly something that I noticed as being that bad in vanilla. I mean, how much do you examine the pools of blood after you've killed someone, or the spatter created by arrows to the knee? But after seeing the screenshots of dDefinder1's mod, and then trying it out in the game, I can say that it makes a big difference. No longer do the low resolution blood textures look too shiny and sticky, now those blood pools look just like the ones Mom used to make. Errr.

The change to the onscreen blood texture is a nice touch as well, making it appear like more of a splatter rather than a dot or two. Enhanced Blood Textures also changes the duration that blood stays on your weapon, so that it's not immediately cleaned off after only a few minutes. How exactly does that work anyway? Is there a button to wipe off your blade with a rag?

Like any good mod author, dDefinder1 has included a bunch of different files with option to disable or enable the different things his mod accomplishes. If you're someone who wants their blood to look a little more real, or to remove the blood spatters from your screen, then Enhanced Blood Textures is the mod for you.

Download Enhanced Blood Textures here.

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