Guild Wars 2 Head Start

Justin Clouse | 31 Aug 2012 01:15
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The events and renown tasks take the place of traditional questing done in most MMOs. Renown regions are marked by hearts on the map, and they are sort of operate like location-based quests. Unlike a traditional kill 20 rats and bring me their tails quest, there will be an assortment of tasks you can do that all work towards competition. Your progress isn't hindered by the activity of other players working on the same task, if more than one player attacks the same monster they'll both get credit, experience and separate loot rolls without having to party up. This is especially great when the game starts throwing bosses at you and dynamic events that continually spawn and trigger in the world. These events ask players to tackle a number of tasks, like defeating said boss monster or defending an area from waves of enemies, and they scale based on the number of players participating.

Crafters should talk to the associated profession masters in the major cities. Gathering of materials is actually a separate and independent system, where anyone can farm, mine, salvage or chop down trees provided they simply have the proper tools. At any time, you can have two active professions, but it's important to note that your progress stays even if you swap to a new one. So you can master them all if that's your thing. There are 8 crafts in all. The armor and weapon crafts can be easily paired with your character. Armorsmith, Leatherworker and Tailor for making heavy, medium and light armor. Weaponsmith, huntsman and Artificer make roughly melee weapons, ranged weapons and magical implements, like staves and scepters. Jeweler and Chef round out the bunch and are much less class specific by crafting food, dyes and jewelry that's useful for anyone.

But if you'd rather bash in skulls instead of crafting leather gloves and strawberry cookies(yes, it's an actual item), than Guild Wars 2 has you covered on PVP. It's remarkably easy to jump in to, and you for the most part won't need to trick out a character in PVE to succeed. It's split between structured PVP and World PVP, and can be accessed from the menu or by traveling to portals in the world. In structured PVP, everyone is raised to max level and given the same access to identical gear. This ensures a perfectly even playing field. World PVP pits your server against two others in a giant separate world. While in the world PVP zones, your characters will have the stats of a level 80, but unlike the structured pvp, you'll only have the skills, traits and gear you've found or unlocked. You can however gain experience in world PVP, making it possibly to level up just by fighting against other players.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg: there's also karma rewards that eliminate the vendor trashing from questing, experience gained for nearly every action in the world, account spanning bank space and a handy collectible section of your bank that stores all your crafting materials separately, just to name a few. You can even deposit items directly while out in the wild. It might all be a bit intimidating at first, but give it a little time and you'll settle in quickly enough.

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